Welcome to Dedworth Webmedia

Need a website?

Can't afford the prices most web site designers charge?

Has your website designer left you in the lurch?

Is your website for yourself, your club or small business?

Then Dedworth Webmedia is for you

What we can do for you

We design websites! plain and simple websites and our prices reflect that. We don't do fancy websites, we do functional websites that you can afford. Having said that you will be over the moon in what we can do for you.

Has your previous web designer left you in the lurch. has he or she legged it with your cash and left you with a website that you can't edit? Then we can get that sorted for you.

Short of funds, can't afford a lump sum for your clubs website? Don't worry we do have a PAYG plan so you can pay a small monthly about for your club's website.

Don't have a website (domain) yet? Once again don't worry We'll get that sorted for you. we can also host it for you at a very reasonable price

How much will this cost?

The most important thing is that our charges are cheap and affordable. Of course the more that you have on your website, the more it will cost, BUT NOT THAT MUCH MORE 

We could publish a price list but the prices we charge are completely dependent on what you want and how much you can afford. Typically a one page website, with hosting and SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) will cost in the region of £50 per year, less than a pound a week. If you want more than one page, depending on what is required there would be a one off charge of £10 per page but once again this is negotiable.

We also offer a "Pro-Bono" service for local charities.

What you will get

OK there is only one thing what limits what you get on your website, that's your imagination. The only thing that limits you is what you want to pay.

We use two CMS's (Content Management System) with our website design Joomla & Wordpress depending on what style of website you are after. Both systems are well established and are behind millions of websites around the world.

Website domain

If this is to be a brand new website in a brand new domain the first thing to sort out is the name for your domain. This would usually be your organisations name followed by the genre of your organisation. There are a few criterea for the naming of websites which these days seem to be largely ignored. Here a couple of examples.

.co.uk - UK based company

.com - an international company

.net - a company dealing with internet stuff

.org - non-profit making organisation.


Domain hostiing

Once you have decided on your domain name you will have to decide where to host your domain. You could host it with me that'll cost £40 per year. or you could go with one of the internet companies just google "Web hosting" and loads will pop up.

If you decide to go with another company for your hosting you will have to give us access to the hosting account so that we can build your site.

Building your Website

Once your domain is hosted we can move on to designing your website. We will need your involvement with this part. You will need to let us know the following.

  • are the any websites that you like the look of? (This is to give us an idea of you expectations)
  • What colour(s) would you like to see on your website
  • Do you have a logo for the website
  • You will have to provide the words and any images for the website
  • What you want on the website
  • What type of website is it

Once we have enough information we can move onto designing your website!

What next?

Once your website is designed built and you are happy with it, it will be made live, viewable to the public and payment will be made. Then another important decision to be made, who is going to  maintain the site? Either you can do it or we can do it. If you decide to do it then you will be given log in details to enable you to do that. If you leave it for us to do then the first 12 months will be free whilst the website is bedding in. Then you will be charged a minimal charge for each update taking into account what is required.

My website has a problem or I need it updating

All you need do is to log in to your account on this website, details will be given to you when we agree to work with you, and select customer support from the main menu (This item isn't visible until you log in to the "Customer Area". Once there you can raise a support ticket. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

James brought us a fantastic web presence with the website he has built for us. Nothing has been too much trouble for him.

Julie Smith
Julie Smith
Designer, Dedworth.org

James took over the running of our Regimental Association website a couple of years ago and he has really brought it up to date. Once again nothing is too much trouble for him.